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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (R3/Eng)

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Release Date : Mar 17, 2015
Language       : English, Japanese
Genre              : RPG
Version           : Asia

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In the first week after it’s Japanese only release, Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PSP enjoyed phenomenal success; by the end of the year, it out sold Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP), Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3), and even Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, making it the best selling PSP title of 2011.

With near perfect scores from Famitsu (39 out of 40) and Dengeki Magazine (91.25 out of 100) this was the game that all Final Fantasy fans needed, but only those with import inclinations and the ability to read Japanese could access.

Now, after a long time of waiting, pleading, and begging to Square Enix, our patience has been rewarded with an HD Version of the game that got away.

The biggest news of all though, is that each and every copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has been officially confirmed to include a demo voucher of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV!

This demo version is dubbed FINAL FANTASY XV –EPISODE DUSCAE- which will be especially rearranged and edited to contain a part of the opening scenario from the game.

For all Final Fantasy fans, this is indeed one of those moments that define a console generation – from FFVII to FFX, this combination of both games is something to look forward to!


  • High Definition Visuals:

The world of Orience is brought to life in rich and vivid detail, coming to modern consoles in gorgeous, newly rendered HD visuals

  • Customizable Parties:

Choose from 14 playable members of Class Zero to control, each with distinctive weapons, abilities, and combat styles

  • High Stakes Battles:

A bloody, action-packed battle system where every attack carries the weight of mortality; Enter a world where a common fire spell incinerates foes, and the deadly Killsight is an instant fatality

  • A Mature FINAL FANTASY® For a New Age:

The crystals fuel the flames of war, shedding light on young heroes who must cope with decisions that will mean the difference between life and death and the rise and fall of nations


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