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Samurai Warriors Chronicle 3 (R3/JPN)

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Release Date      : Dec 04, 2014
Language Voice : Japanese
Subtitles              : Japanese
Genre                   : Action
Version                : Asia

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In the main mode “Musou Enbu”, in addition to the story the player along the authentic history of up to unification of the Warring States Period become a hero, you can experience the “IF” story.

In order to clear the mission that occurs in multiple simultaneous, it is important to proceed strategic in “Play Charactor Change” to operate while switching up to four characters which are arranged in various places.

“Sengoku Musou: Moushouden (Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends)” was popular in “Renbukan” is, and then resurrected in this work. The challenge to the mission to be one after another appearance among the time limit, it is the mode that aim at the goal.

Index to compete with users all over the country in scoring that was acquired in “Renbukan” is evolution, newly introduced the “class system”. In addition, part of the picture depending on how Speedrun is gradually deregulated “wartime career” panel also greatly improved.


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